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Did you ever wondered how far you could give an object? With Trip Card, it is possible to get a card and track its trip around the world.
To begin the journey, you just have to generate a card by clicking on this button.
Once your card is generated, just flash its QR code with your smartphone. Your current position, date and time will be memorized by the card and you'll also be able to add a message and a picture. You can also write or draw on the card if you want to add more memories on it. Then, go give the card to someone else! The person who will receive the card will be able to add a new step to the card's trip by scanning the QR code, giving the card to someone else and so on.
Remember the 4-character code written on the card: it will allow you to track the card during its trip. Just enter the code in the field below to visualize all the places where the card went and see all the messages written and pictures taken by the people who got your card.